Mr. Tony, the founder of Monster Rabbit,has been in the Epimedyum business for a long time. He knows what works and what doesn't, and he knows people’s needs.

He noticed the market is filled with many low-standard Epimedyum brands that produce multiple unwanted side-effects. So he felt inspired to create a safe and luxurious Epimedyum product. He managed to find one of Turkey's most reputable manufacturers to develop a niche product made with the best ingredients. His goal is simple: to provide a high quality product made mostly natural ingredients. It gives quick results and keeps the person vibrant with no side-effects - ever. And that’s when Monster Rabbit brand arose.

Other epimedium brands can be sourced from different places, making them easy to imitate, whereas Mr. Tony guarantees the authenticity of Monster Rabbit, as it can only be obtained through us.

Welcome to Monster Rabbit. We are sure you'll enjoy the experience 🤍